10 Reasons Why Information Governance and eDiscovery Belongs in the Cloud

Cloud MoneyAs a point of reference for the debate of the absurd, I remember sitting in a meeting with a major computer manufacturer many years ago as a very young intern listening to a heated discussion among the sales and marketing executives regarding whether or not users need a desktop computer.  Obviously, we all know what side of that debate won.  Fast forward through lots of similar crazy technology debates that I won’t mention out of respect for the well meaning but misguided to today where some are now debating whether or not Information Governance and/or eDiscovery software should run in the cloud.

Instead of listing out both sides of the debate and weighing the pros and cons, I am going to “cut to the chase” and state the 10 reasons why Information Governance and/or eDiscovery should be in the Cloud.

  1. Better Security
  2. Scalability
  3. Better Support for Managing and Complying with Country Data Protection Laws
  4. Cost
  5. Convenience
  6. Easier to Utilize the Most Current Big Data Technology
  7. Easier to Integrate with other Cloud Based Technology
  8. Better User Experience
  9. Easier to Upgrade and Enhance
  10. Easier to Offer Integrated Solutions on Portable Devices

I am sure that there are many other reasons.  And, I welcome input.  However, I think that this list should provide reason enough as to why Information Governance and/or eDiscovery should be in the Cloud.



About Charles Skamser
Charles Skamser is an internationally recognized technology sales, marketing and product management leader with over 25 years of experience in Information Governance, eDiscovery, Machine Learning, Computer Assisted Analytics, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, IT Automation and ITOA. Charles is the founder and Senior Analyst for eDiscovery Solutions Group, a global provider of information management consulting, market intelligence and advisory services specializing in information governance, eDiscovery, Big Data analytics and cloud computing solutions. Previously, Charles served in various executive roles with disruptive technology start ups and well known industry technology providers. Charles is a prolific author and a regular speaker on the technology that the Global 2000 require to manage the accelerating increase in Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Charles holds a BA in Political Science and Economics from Macalester College.