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Evolving Enterprise Standards for Early Case Assessment Software

| September 12, 2012

As a follow-up to my Article titled, “2012 Early Case Assessment Buyer’s Guide” in which I announced and discussed the results of eDSG’s and DCIG’s analysis and ranking of the top 30 Early Case Assessment (ECA) vendors and their technologies, this article provides more insight into what I believe are the criteria for defining a […]

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Legacy eDiscovery Pricing Model is Dead

| January 12, 2011

The King is dead. Long live the King (French: Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!) is a traditional proclamation made following the accession of a new monarch in various countries, such as the United Kingdom. The original phrase was translated from the French Le Roi est mort. Vive le Roi!, which was first declared […]

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Building ROI for an eDiscovery Cloud Computing Model

| November 1, 2010

Cloud Computing is an important step in the evolution of Enterprise Information Technology Systems.  And, without a doubt represents that next big paradigm shift in eDiscovery Information Technology.  As such, I plan to dedicate my blog for the remainder of the year to investigating and reporting on Enterprise eDiscovery in the Cloud.  As an adjunct […]

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eDiscovery Solutions Group Announces Comprehensive Support Services for Equivio Near-Duplicates and Email Threads Technology

| June 10, 2009

I am pleased to announce that our international consortium of eDiscovery Providers has formed a partnership with Equivio. I met the management team from Equivio several years ago and have been very impressed with their technology and success in the US markets. With our commitment to support a variety of review platforms such as Concordance, […]

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The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 Will Provide a Windfall to eDiscovery Market

| September 24, 2008

With the global financial crisis of 2008 in full swing, I predict that eDiscovery providers worldwide will see a windfall for years to come.    The very nature of the financial industry will provide billions of pages of paper and exabytes of electronically stored information (ESI) stored all over the world for eDiscovery professionals to uncover, […]

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The Cost of eDiscovery

| September 10, 2008

As we approach the two(2) year anniversary of the December 2006 changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), it has been interesting and somewhat educational to follow the tremendous confusion and the dramatic changes in the cost of processing Electronically Stored Information (ESI). As I have been claiming, the changes to the FRCP […]

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eDiscovery Confounds Companies and Their Lawyers

| August 8, 2008

As an excellent adjunct to my Blog entries over the past several weeks regarding how corporate council within the Global 5000 and their associated outside council are dealing with the eDiscovery Paradigm Shift, Neil Roiter, Senior Technology Editor at recently wrote a great aritlce titled “E-discovery still confounds companies and their lawyers“. Mr. Roiter […]

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In Search of Integrated Conceptual eDiscovery Search Technology

| May 10, 2008

Over the past 6 months I have been investigating cost effective, integrated conceptual eDiscovery search technology delivered under a SaaS model. The basis for this investigation is to identify a way to extend the current capabilities of eDiscovery search through a forward thinking search technology that can be tightly integrated on the same Microsoft stack […]

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Kazeon Press Release Focuses Attention on the Cost of a Latte and the Falling Cost of eDiscovery

| May 6, 2008

Like lots of other eDiscovery professionals this morning, I had to do a double take when I read the press release today from Kazeon announcing their new partnership with Attenex, titled, “Attenex and Kazeon Announce eDiscovery Alliance“. The double take was caused by the fact that Kazeon announced that they can deliver industry-leading price/performance for […]

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Can Electronic Data Discovery be Supported under a SaaS Delivery Model?

| April 21, 2008

With the Size of the Electronic Data Discovery (EDD) Market continuing to grow at an accelerating rate (Socha Survey Results from 2007) and therefore the overall cost of EDD processing also continuing to rise, I have been investigating the markets appetite for a less expensive and more efficient EDD solution that is delivered via a […]

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