eDiscovery Vendors that Support Information Governance

Big DataAs a followup to my  May 14, 2014 article titled, “The Next Big Thing in eDiscovery and Information Governance,” I ran a poll the last couple of weeks asking which eDiscovery tool vendors did the best job of also supporting the requirements of Information Governance.  The results, although a bit skewed due to what appears to be some “serial voting” from one of the vendors, provides some interesting insight into the evolution of the eDiscovery tools market.

The results of the poll indicates that voters chose the following eDiscovery vendors and associated tools as the most capable of also supporting the requirements of Information Governance:

  1. Symantec
  2. Exterro
  3. HP – Autonomy
  4. Nuix
  5. Recommind
  6. Access Data
  7. Catalyst Repository Systems
  8. Huron Legal
  9. IBM (StoredIQ)
  10. IPRO
  11. LexisNexis
  12. Servient
  13. UBIC

Following is an overview of the top technologies along with my opinion on how well they support the requirements of Information Governance:


Starting with their industry leading eDiscovery platform  powered by Clearwell as a foundation for the requirements of eDiscovery and Information Governance, Symantec also offers a wide range of archiving endpoints such as Enterprise Vault and Enterprise Vault in the Cloud.   Although none of the Symantec technologies are going to “knock your socks off” in regards to innovation, they have a large installed base, do offer the comfort of financial stability from one of the larger companies in the industry with mature technology that is somewhat integrated and does support the minimal requirements for most eDiscovery and Information Governance needs.

Symantec is a safe bet for users that don’t have overly sophisticated requirements.


I have been following Exterro for over 5 years and have done several in-depth product reviews and run several intensive product evaluations for Global 100 corporations.  The Exterro Fusion®  platform includes Genome® Data MappingFusion Legal Hold™ and preservation, Fusion Zeta™ Data Management, Fusion Project Management™ and a long list of very tight integrations with other eDiscovery platforms supports both eDiscovery and Information Governance.  In concept, Fusion® and its associated  components are some of the best technology in the industry.  However, I have always been disappointed with the trajectory of the company from a business standpoint.  They should have a much larger installed base and much higher revenue numbers than they do.

Exterro an exciting and potentially rewarding technology choice for both eDiscovery and Information Governance users willing to engage in some rigorous due diligence and that have the time and technology budget to support a complex installation process that may encounter a few hiccups along the way.

Exterro may also be an interesting acquisition target and may in fact not reach its real business trajectory until a larger and more experienced organization acquires them.

HP – Autonomy

As with Exterro, I have a long history evaluating Autonomy for both stock analysts and for potential buyers.  Most users know the history of Autonomy and get the HP – Autonomy thing.  Therefore, all I am going to stay is that Autonomy has been integrated into HP’s overall Information Governance solution, is very expensive, takes a long time to install and is difficult at best to maintain.   Further, the Autonomy group has suffered lots of staff turn over and HP recently announced an additional 15,000 staff reductions which may effect Autonomy even further.

HP – Autonomy is a safe bet for very large corporations that have enormous IT budgets and want to spend years with installation,upgrades and ongoing maintenance.


I also have a very deep and broad  history and associated technology understanding with Nuix.   Led by Eddie Sheehy, Nuix CEO,  Nuix has long been an international technology leader in the eDiscovery industry.

Eddie has long understood that the Information Governance “process” is very similar to eDiscovery and therefore has had support for Information Governance on his technology road map for many years. Built on the patented Nuix Engine, the Nuix Luminate platform is one of the better examples in the industry of evolving eDiscovery technology to support Information Governance.   Unfortunately, like many other vendors in the eDiscovery market worldwide, Nuix has also learned that although the technology requirements between eDiscovery and Information Governance  may be similar, the sales and marketing requirements are very different and an eDiscovery vendor cannot successfully take eDiscovery sales and marketing resources into the Information Governance market.  How Nuix reacts and adjusts to this sales and marketing reality will be key to their long term success in the Information Governance market.

Nuix as a very good choice for any size corporation to support both eDiscovery and Information Governance.  Neither platform has all the bells and whistles that some of the other technologies in the industry have.  However, I have faith the Eddie and his team have a solid understanding of the needs in the market place and a technology road map that will enable them to continue to evolve and enhance their offering.

Nuix is also one of the more attractive acquisition targets in the industry today and therefore users that choose Nuix may end up being supported by a much larger organization.

In the my next article about the results of this poll, I will comment on Recommind, Access Data, Catalyst Repository Systems, Huron Legal, IBM (StoredIQ), IPRO, LexisNexis, Servient and UBIC.

In a 3rd article, I will once again talk about some of the newer technology platforms that are built on the latest and greatest Big Data technology stacks.

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