Time to Revisit SMA Solutions and Their Progress to Support Next Generation IT Automation

smasolutions-tagAs 2015 comes to an end, I am going to look back at some of vendors and new technologies that I have reviewed over the past 12-18 months and provide an update on their current status, any new developments and market trends.

One of the software vendors that I reviewed back in September of 2014 was SMA Solutions, a long time player and emerging new leader in IT Automation.  In an article published on September 14, 2014, titled, “Michael Taylor Sees Big Opportunities for SMA Solutions to Expand Support for Automating The Enterprise,” Michael laid out some very intriguing plans for SMA.    He stated, ” In addition to our plans for SMA Insights and expanding our support for Backup and Recovery, we are investigating supporting additional ERP systems as well as automating the workflows to support Information Governance and various related markets such as Document Management and eDiscovery. I would also like to point out that we are confident that can expand SMA Insights into other vertical markets that require real time monitoring of transactions and associated automated responses.  One of the markets that we are currently investigating in the emerging corporate requirements for fraud monitoring and prevention.  We firmly believe that our technology has the capabilities to enable SMA Solutions to become a big player in this market.”

Michael expanded on his 5 year plans by stating, “ I see SMA Solutions finally being recognized globally for the superior technology that we have been designing, developing and distributing for the past 30 years.   And, as many of the legacy vendors and their technology become obsolete and are replaced by new emerging vendors, I see SMA Solutions as a high-bred legacy vendor that continuously re-invents itself and therefore emerge as a new leader.   Matching this ability to evolve and emerge with all of the untapped opportunities with the IT Automation market,   I also see SMA Solutions, over the next 5 years climbing a very steep growth curve that places us firmly in the same discussions with the biggest players in the industry that you mentioned earlier.”

How is SMA Solutions Doing?

It’s easy to pick up the phone and call the CEO’s of these vendors to get an update. However, I always like to troll the Internet to find published articles, press releases and see what others are saying about the vendors.

OpCon Case Study

SMA Solutions recently released a case study titled, “OpCon cuts TCO in Half for Global Insurer“. SMA contends that this Global 150 company states, “Purchased SMA Solutions’ flagship workload automation product, OpCon, to have a consolidated environment. One point where all IT processes, on all platforms, at all locations can be managed and monitored. This single point of control is achievable with OpCon. With SMA Solutions, this company replaced FOUR workload automation tools across 5,000 servers with OpCon and quickly realized the benefits of our platform independent architecture, browser based graphical interface, critical path monitoring and SLA monitoring.”


In November 2015, SMA Solutions won the best of show award at the CUNA Technology Council Conference and CUNA OpSS Council Conference.  The Best of Show Award is given to the best presentation at the CUNA Technology Council Conference’s speed rounds, in which technology companies that sponsor the conference give a five-minute demonstration of a product that brings meaningful innovation to the credit union movement. SMA Solutions won for their demonstration of Ascern, a predictive, cloud-based analytics tool that monitors systems and processes in real time.  “For more than three decades, SMA Solutions has been a crucial technological innovator for the credit union industry, and their presentation at this year’s conference continued that tradition,” said Caroline Martorano, chair of the speed round committee and CTC executive committee member from Baxter CU. “We congratulate SMA Solutions on this award and applaud them for their continued efforts to streamline and modernize credit unions.”

For more information on this award, go to: https://www.cuinsight.com/press-release/sma-solutions-wins-best-of-show-award-at-the-cuna-technology-council-conference-and-cuna-opss-council-conference.


In September 2015, SMA Solutions announced that they have become an Oracle Gold Partner.  They state, “SMA has achieved Gold Partner status in Oracle® PartnerNetwork (OPN).  By attaining Gold Level membership, Oracle has recognized SMA Solutions for its commitment to establish Oracle related knowledge in Oracle’s product line and demonstrates the company’s commitment to further develop and expand in the area of Oracle automation solutions.  With newly developed connectors for Oracle’s critical business application, SMA’s flagship workload automation product, OpCon™, will ensure ongoing high availability and reliability in all advanced automation centers.  OpCon’s Oracle solutions can be integrated into one enterprise-wide point of control. Whether companies are running applications, legacy and open systems or cloud-based platforms; OpCon provides reliable automation. By automating jobs, tasks, and processes, OpCon reduces errors and enables businesses to streamline their IT operations. By ensuring high availability and reliability, OpCon provides IT infrastructures with a solid foundation to leverage Oracle’s critical business application. The partnership of OpCon and Oracle solutions will improve service, streamline operations and reduce IT requirements.  IT staff is no longer dependent on single points of knowledge to run their operations.  OpCon is an easy-to-use, graphical solution.”


None of these articles and announcements that I found on the Internet in and of themselves indicate that anything spectacular has happened at SMA Solutions over the past 12-18 months.  However, don’t under estimate their entry into the Information Technology Operations Analytics (ITOA) market with Ascern.  Introducing Big Data Analytics in to their entrenched credit union market is a great way to develop a solid platform from which to leap into the more generalized ITOA market.  There are also rumors that they have done very well in the last 12-18 months expanding into other ERP markets and have some substantial reference accounts that they will be announcing. Overall, I would say that SMA continues to quietly trend upward and therefore continues to be an IT Automation vendor that users worldwide should be looking to for next generation technology solutions.

However, in the end, I guess that I am going to have to pickup the phone and call SMA’s CEO to get his take on their progress.  Look for the results of this interview within the next couple of weeks.






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