Your Cellphone is No Longer Safe

cyber-attackAs we all continue to increase our personal and professional reliance on portable devices, we need to remember that “big brother” and most of the “bad guys” continue to “raise the technical bar” on what digital information they can gather with little to no effort.  A great example is Tel Aviv-based Rayzone Group  that is now offering a gadget called InterApp that can intercept and extract information from nearby smartphones.

About Charles Skamser
Charles Skamser is an internationally recognized technology sales, marketing and product management leader with over 25 years of experience in Information Governance, eDiscovery, Machine Learning, Computer Assisted Analytics, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics, IT Automation and ITOA. Charles is the founder and Senior Analyst for eDiscovery Solutions Group, a global provider of information management consulting, market intelligence and advisory services specializing in information governance, eDiscovery, Big Data analytics and cloud computing solutions. Previously, Charles served in various executive roles with disruptive technology start ups and well known industry technology providers. Charles is a prolific author and a regular speaker on the technology that the Global 2000 require to manage the accelerating increase in Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Charles holds a BA in Political Science and Economics from Macalester College.